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Opening Artist’s Reception,Sean Taylor, SOMA NewArt Gallery, Friday June 20th, 6-9 PM. Public Welcome


‘HOT FUN’ Further examination of the American Dream

Opening Artist’s Reception, Friday June 20th, 6-9 PM. Public Welcome.
Exhibition continues through July 27th 2008
Gallery open daily – 10AM-10PM

SOMA NewArt GALLERY in Cape May continues it’s showcasing of important regional artists with a spectacular exhibition of paintings by artist Sean Taylor. “Hot Fun,” Taylor’s latest body of work features large-scale oil paintings that take a nostalgic look at the American Dream. Juxtaposing Cold War era imagery with contemporary summer fun, the result is a whirlwind of beach scenes and carousel rides, scuba divers and air traffic controllers. The emphasis is now on figures, 1950’s debutantes, sunbathers on the beach, couples meeting on the boardwalk, images of the distant past connecting to images of the present.

“If I had to sum up this series of paintings at SOMA I’d say: ‘George Orwell on holiday at the beach.’ My paintings are like big jigsaw puzzles,

I put them together and build the image with results that often surprise me. These paintings have a lot of references and allusions, Orwell of course, Salinger and Vonnegut, James Bond, uranium miners, the Wildwood Boardwalk, Mister Softee, and the Greek Myth to name a few. But you might say those are always my references. What can I say? I’m a sub-real postmodernist with a license to paint.”

Taylor’s trademark style is recognizable in the atmospheric blues and grays with distant muted horizons. Taylor’s grand scale and luscious paint quality combined with these beach-life motifs make this show a must-see for all Fine Art lovers in town this summer.

Sean Taylor is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, he has shown at many galleries in Philadelphia and across the region. This will be his first show at SOMA NewArt Gallery.

Sean Taylor’s Biography

Sean Taylor was born in London in 1964. He grew up in the small college town of Swarthmore, Pa. then moved to Argentina where he finished secondary school. He cites the time he spent in Buenos Aires as life changing, and a crucial moment in the development of his world-view. Here he saw a failing military regime, strictly defined class structures, and ridiculous bureaucracy juxtaposed with a very proud, outspoken and fun-loving people.

The irony was not lost on him.

Back in the States, Taylor studied Sociology, History and Teaching, earning degrees in each subject. In spite of these successes he experienced a lack of purpose and a desire for something more to life. He moved to Philadelphia and attended night classes at a local art foundation, where he was drawn to figurative painting. He entered the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, studying with painters Bruce Samuelson, Scott Noel and Sydney Goodman. He won several awards for painting at the Academy, including the coveted Leuders and Lauffer Awards, as well as one of the highest awards given by the school, the Richard C. Von Hess Tuition/Travel Scholarship.

Sean Taylor works mainly in oils on constructed panel, drawing inspiration from personal experience and memories, and from the present environment of American life. Current themes in his work include desire and sexual tension, hope and futility, nostalgia and childhood. His consistent sales at galleries and juried art fairs across the region have placed his work in many private collections in the U.S. and overseas.

Taylor lives on the Delaware Bay in Villas, NJ with his wife, artist Perianne Richmond-Taylor. Their studio is located in the wetlands Village of Grassy Sound, overlooking Hereford Inlet.

b. 1964 London, England

1965-1979 Swarthmore, PA, USA

1980-1982 Buenos Aires, Argentina

1982-1997 Richmond, VA, USA

1997-present Philadelphia and Cape May County, NJ. USA

SOMA NewArt Gallery 31 Perry Street, Cape May (609) 898-7488


  1. Excellent article, thanks, we we see you at the opening?

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