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Experience The Shore is about Events, The Arts, Unique People, Businesses, and interesting topics our readers find helpful. If you have a story or a person you think we should know about, contact me.

Why I Do This

Writing for Experience The Shore has been a great outlet for both my own creativity and a personal desire to spread the word.  Much like an old time salesman in a wagon or traveling preacher, I take any chance I can to preach the word of the “Shore”.  Unless you have stood on the boards, on a hot summer night, feeling the warm breeze blow in offshore, you can’t fully appreciate the Shore. When you leave, you feel the distant call of the Shore beckoning out to you to return.  If you have ever been, then you know the tug it exerts on you no matter how far you travel away.

Interviewing is the other reason I love what I do.  Maybe it is my nosy personality or my ability to talk to people for hour on end. Digging in and getting to know an interviewee is very important to me, almost as if creating a bubble friendship that exists for only 30-60 minutes.  Not looking to crack the latest dirt on someone, I simply want to get to know them and pass that experience to my reader.  When the reader is done all I want is for them to say, “I didn’t know that.”

Drew King


To us, it’s the readers that really make this place hum. Without you, I’d just be talking to my laptop.


  1. Looking for a Cape May County contact (formally Helen Edwards) so I may either e mail or mail an Earth Day application for this year’s event, bring held April 25th at the CMC Park & Zoo.

    Thank You!

  2. gabrielle, i see you are doing well — congratulations

    • still looking for the dvd of ” Greetings from the shore ” Does it not exist? and why not. thanks

      • I have contacted my people to see what the deal is. As soon as I have a serious answer I will post a headline 🙂

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