Posted by: Drew | July 19, 2013

SOMA NewArt Gallery presents JIM INZERO and TERRI AMIG Artist Opening Reception Saturday July 20th 6 to 9pm

Jim Inzero
Jim Inzero “Windward Point” Encaustic & Paint on Wood Panel, 23.5″ x 48″
“Water And Wax”
New Encaustic Paintings
Gallery One & Two
Jim Inzero
Jim Inzero “American Flag”
Encaustic on wood panel, 59″ X 48″

JIM INZERO’s new series, “Water & Wax,” reflects his life long attraction to the Jersey Shore and its surroundings. He chooses vibrant colors to convey nautical elements that coincide with our memories of the shore. The movement and serenity in Inzero’s work conveys the gratitude and bounty expressed by the ocean environment. Following the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Inzero was even more inclined to connect with the water through this series of peaceful paintings.

To view all JIM’S paintings included in this exhibit click here.

“L’eau and Behold”
New Paintings
Gallery Three
Terri Amig
Terri Amig “C’est Magnifique, a hairy beast” Oil on Linen,
36″ x 48″
TERRI AMIG’s new exhibit “L’Eau and Behold” features new oil paintings of stately animal portraits, heroically yet warmly staring from the canvas directly back at the viewer. Amig’s work brings the intensity of  Renaissance portraiture to her beloved animal paintings, her intention being to rekindle a recognition of a kindred spirit or a reflection of ourselves.  These creatures are not images in a distant scene; they mean to engage directly, emotionally and psychologically with the viewer.

To View all Terri’s paintings in this exhibit click here.

SOMA NewArt Gallery
31 Perry Street in Carpenters Square Mall,
Cape May
Open Daily: 10AM to 10PM
For more information visit SOMA online at
On Facebook: SOMA-NewArt-Gallery
Phone 609.898.7488

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