Posted by: Drew | June 15, 2012

Alla Duhova’s Todes Contemporary Russian Ballet Graces the Stage at Tropicana July 27th and 28th

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (June 13, 2012) — The word “ballet” conjures images of  conventional steps, leaps, and spins as well as graceful glides, and poses.  Alla Duhova’s Todes Contemporary Russian Ballet, however, is so much more.  It is an extravaganza of sounds, colors, emotions, and a fiery mixture of dance trends and technical tricks.  This exhilarating blend of theatre, ballet, break dancing and athletic choreography will evoke excitement and awe at the Tropicana Showroom Friday, July 27th and Saturday, July 28th.
Named after the most dangerous element in figure skating, the TODES ballet company is led by esteemed Russian director and choreographer Alla Duhova.  For over 20 years, the dance company has toured through France, Italy, Germany, England, Israel, Bulgaria, China, Australia and South Korea in some of the largest and most prestigious concert halls in the world.

Alla Duhova has created and produced nine shows for TODES ballet.  Starting as a small group of back-up dancers with small individual performances, TODES quickly became a dance empire that can be described as passionate, detailed, and theatrical.

Audiences continue to be dazzled by the collective choreography of modern trends in contemporary dance as well as the amazing costumes, lighting effects and dramatic performances.  They have won numerous international awards and worked with some of the most prestigious celebrities in show business including Mariah Carey and the late Michael Jackson.

Let Alla Duhova’s Todes Contemporary Russian Ballet amaze you Friday and Saturday, July 27th and 28th 9pm in the Tropicana Showroom.  Tickets are available through Ticketmaster or via phone at 1.800.736.1420, or at the Tropicana Box Office.  They are $55, $65, $75, $85, $95, and $105.

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