Posted by: Drew | July 21, 2010

“NUMBA ONE” gears up for Mafia Romantic-Comedy in September.

“NUMBA ONE” gears up for Mafia Romantic-Comedy in September.

Dream Balloon Enterprises has acquired the rights to produce a
romantic-comedy “Numba One.” scheduled to shoot in September in New Jersey and Florida. The film, starring Paul Sorvino, Federico Castelluccio (Sopranos, El Cantante), Peter Greene (The Mask, Pulp Fiction) and Christopher Backus (Redline, All in One), is the first collaboration between award-winning directors Michael Attardi and Jaime Velez-Soto. Academy Award nominees Chris Hummel (True Lies-Special Effects) and Glenn Wilder (Terminator, True Lies – Stunt Director) have also just singed on.

Producer Michael Attardi, who also produced and directed the award
winning film “Once Upon a Christmas Village,” presents a romantic-
comedy of missing identity, insurance fraud and accidental deaths
set during a modern day New York/Miami Mafia scene. “The movie is
a fast paced, romantic comedy about an insurance salesman who
accidentally gets caught up in the mafia world,” says Attardi.

Attardi, who inked the original screenplay, went to his hometown
of Long Branch, NJ and has raised financing through private investors
instead of making a traditional studio deal. After reading an
early version of the script, actor and producer, Federico
Castelluccio immediately went after talent. “This is one of the
funniest romantic comedies I have ever read. It has an original plot
and great cast attached,” says Castelluccio. According to
co-director, Jaime Velez-Soto, “When I read Attardi’s script,
I knew that “Numba One” has the potential to be one of next year’s
breakout hits. It’s going to be a great film and extremely fun
to make with Michael.”

Attardi and Velez-Soto are thrilled to collaborate. “We both
share the vision of making a fresh and original romantic comedy
that people can relate to.” says Velez-Soto. “Our cast is
incredible and we are currently working on securing three major
actors who have shown interest,” says Castelluccio.

Producing with Attardi and Castelluccio is Andy van Roon, also a managing member of Dream Balloon Enterprises, who observes, “We’re looking at a project targeting a demographic between “Get Shorty” and “Analyze This,” so anticipate strong domestic and foreign distribution potential.”

For more information on the upcoming production schedule for
“Numba One” visit or


  1. Is this the mafia comedy where different characters arrive and say “I am the Jewish mafia”, “I am the black Mafia”, I am the religious mafia”, I am the government mafia”, “I am the handicapped mafia”, etc? If so, please include “I am the female mafia”, and “I am the anonymous mafia”

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