Posted by: Drew | July 21, 2010

NJ Filmmaker Profile – Long Branch’s Own Michael Attardi – Numba One

Michael Attardi
Director, Producer, Writer
Dream Balloon Animation Studios

As the founder, creator and director of Dream Balloon Animation Studios, Michael Attardi has always focused on the art of story-telling. With a library of musical properties, he is one of the most diverse and creative directors in animation today.  He has a gift of surrounding himself with top world class talent who understands his philosophy of animation film making.

Attardi, an award winning screenwriter and lyricist, was born in Long Branch, New Jersey where he excelled on the athletic field as well as in the classroom. Always having a passion for the arts, Attardi was accepted as a gifted/talented student to the Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey where he won the Philip Turner Creative Award in music and was the youngest winner of the Eugene Stein Musical Award in 1989 for best original university musical.

All of his life, Attardi was fascinated with the animated works of Walt Disney. Since 1997, he has worked with former Disney animators while taking courses at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida.  Michael wrote his first musical animation feature in 1999. This inspiration guided him to write several musical screenplays, shorts and soundtracks.

Attardi’s last project was a  short animated musical comedy film, starring Jim Belushi and Tim Curry, entitled “Once Upon a Christmas Village”. This film won the Grand Jury awards at the South Africa Festival, Florence, Boston, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Houston, Swansea, Wales, Washington, D.C., Hollyshorts, Action/Cut Competition, Garden State, Delray Beach, Puerto Rico, Tallahassee and First Glance Philly. Attardi has also won the Moving Pictures Festival De Cannes, France, as well as eleven Telly Awards, four Accolade Awards, six Aurora Awards, four Communicators and seven Davey Awards. The film made the Academy Awards top ten list for Short Animated Film Category and has shattered the all-time festival award wins with 96 awards.

Attardi’s latest short-film “Snowyville” was showcased at the Producer Guild of America event as one of the finalists chosen out of hundreds of PGA member films. “Snowyville” was the first-ever animation film to be considered for this competition. The short also won the Accolade Award for Excellence in Animation.


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