Posted by: Drew | February 27, 2009

SOMA NewArt Gallery announces it’s exhibition schedule for the 2009 Season

Opening Exhibition –
Two Cape May Artists – Paint Cape May


Artist Opening Reception
Saturday, April 4th, 2009 – 6-9PM

Lily Lake Rustic Bridge
DAVID CLEMANS – “River Run to the Sea”
Impressionistic and historic views of Cape May,
it’s rivers, beaches and wetlands.
Solo Exhibition – Gallery One
Oil Paintings – April 4 – May 3 – 2009

Weatherbeaten, Marc Shenfield
MARC SHENFIELD -“Cape May in Detail”
Intimate images of Cape May, ‘details’ of weather-
beaten shutters to beach boxes in the sand.
Solo Exhibition – Gallery Two
Oil Paintings – April 4 – May 3 – 2009

Forthcoming Exhibition schedule for the 2009 Season.
“Confessions, Obsessions and
Solo Exhibition – Gallery One
Collage – Mixed Media
May 9 – June 14 – 2009

Artist Reception
Saturday – May 9th, 6-9PM
Harriett Sosson
“Satire, Humor and
the Politically Absurd”
Solo Exhibition – Gallery Two
Collage – Mixed Media
May 9 – June 14 – 2009

Artist Reception
Saturday – May 9th, 6-9PM

Steve Steinmetz – Artist Retrospective
Solo Exhibition
Paintings, Wood-Carvings, Sculptural Objects
June 20 – July 26 -2009

Artist Reception
Saturday – June 20th, 6-9PM
Sean Taylor –

SEAN TAYLOR – “The Art of Relaxation”
Solo Exhibition
Oil and Mixed Media Paintings
July 31 – September 7 – 2009

Artist Reception
Friday – July 31st, 6-9PM

STAN SPERLAK – “The View from My Easel”
Solo Exhibition
Pastel Paintings
September 12 – October 18 – 2009

Artist Reception
Saturday – September 12th, 6-9PM
Terri Amig
Oil Paintings
October 24 – November 29 – 2009

Artist Reception
Saturday – October 24th, 6-9PM
SOMA NewArt Gallery Newsletter

They look forward to an exciting 2009 show season, appreciate all your past support and look forward to seeing you at the gallery this coming season, mark your calendars! Please visit their website for more in-depth information on the artists and exhibitions.

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