Posted by: Drew | February 12, 2009

We Shore Were Hungry – CJ’s Grill in North Cape May – An Immediate South Jersey Shore Favorite

img_7990Laura Bopp joins us again for another installment of “We Shore Were Hungry”.  After a beautiful sunset at Cape May Point we went in search of a meal. On the same route that you may take if you come off the Cape May Ferry , we slid up Bayshore Road in North Cape May, fairly certain that we would settle for a WaWa hoagie or Big Mac.  Then we found CJ’s American Grill.

The restaurant just celebrated it’s 1st year in business, no small feat given that the  area is seasonal and they are open year round. Built on the location of the former  WaWa Market, my first impression was that this might be too small a place, after all it had been a WaWa.   Laura and I were pleasantly surprised to find a intimate family style restaurant and pub.

Our waitress Sam, was a lovely young lady with a great smile and very professional approach to her job. I will now turn the keyboard over to Laura:

Ok, so I came down The Shore to escape my every day life for a bit, don’t we all do that?  My job at an upscale spa in Manhattan has become uncertain and I needed a little R+R that the Shore provides.  The weather has been unseasonably warm for February, as if the Shore was welcoming me back.

On Wednesday evening Drew and I were looking for a place to eat, I’m being a little more picky about food lately.  I have set a goal for myself to lose 100lbs in a year and I am almost half way there, so I have to watch food more closely than I used to, but still want flavor, and ultimately “good” food.

We were driving around and stumbled onto CJ’s by accident.  Drew seemed surprised, “They built it from a WaWa, there used to be a WaWa there.” Sure enough they had gutted the space and built a new facade, but it had indeed been a WaWa.  Upon entering the restaurant, you would never mistake it for it’s former occupant.  A bit stark, no curtains, or prints on the walls.  The ceiling above the bar is beautiful.  There is an open kitchen, so you can see what is being prepared.

We were seated almost immediately in a table off to the side.  We ordered drinks Drew had a Diet Coke, he was driving and since I had no responsibilities, I ordered a Sam Adams, Winter Lager.  It went down very smoothly.  Now here is where some people may have a problem with the fact that I am reviewing this restaurant.  I had three of these lovely beverages.  Three.  I don’t drink all that often anymore and I know alcohol isn’t a cure for anything, so don’t make all sorts of comments about glorifying drinking, because, I’m not, but I don’t want it to come back to me that I reviewed a restaurant while drunk, because I fully admit that I had had a few.  Isn’t that what you do though.  When you go out to enjoy a meal, you, after the age of 21 can enjoy an adult beverage, or two, ok in my case, three.  So we ate and enjoyed, but now enough about drinking, on with the food.

Drew ordered the black and blue burger, a medium well burger with blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion, it came with sweet potato fries (a better choice than regular fries, is you are looking at nutrition, which as previously announced I am).  I ordered the veggie panino which  also came with  sweet potato fries (now be fore we get crazy here, I am doing Weight Watchers, and so I can eat what I want as long as I can figure it into my budget of points and if I don’t treat myself everyonce and a while I go completely insane and eat everything, bread, chocolate the entire contents of the refrigerator).

The veggie panino was good, the bread was nicely toasted and it was supposed to come with a chipotle aioli, but honestly, I couldn’t make out what was on the bread.  Everything was overwhelmed by the cheese, although I could make out a green bean, which was not listed in the description of the sandwich.  All in all the flavors were good.  The sweet potato fries were crisp and sweet and salty, very nice.

Drew really liked his burger the blue cheese was very present in the burger, the bun had a great texture, but he felt the sweet potato fries were tad over cooked.  After Drew cut me off from having any more beer we ordered dessert, my favorite thing in the world (probably why I need to lose 100lbs.).  We ordered a slice of flourless chocolate cake, and shared it.  Now this is something that if you are watching your calories,  you may want to do, share your desserts, I know, I know we all want our own piece but I can’t eat a whole piece anymore, I have come to embrace the fact that I can not eat like I used to and so half is better than none.

The cake was goooooood.  Dark chocolaty, I may have licked the plate, but I blame the beer.

So bottom line, go.  The food was for the most part, good, not perfect, but good, solid.  The prices were reasonable, something I know we are all worrying about so go, and enjoy.  Have a beverage, and relax.

See what other people are saying

“Nice Place, great food!”

“”Winner of the Best Wings””

“CJ’s Grill – An Immediate South Jersey Favorite”

CJ’s American Grill
3729 Bayshore Road
North Cape May, NJ 08204

Appetizers include:

Philly Cheesestake Potstickers
St. Louis Style Rib “Stack”
Jersey Littleneck Steamers
Crab Nachos

Brick Oven Pizzas include:

Wild Mushroom
Sauage Ricotta

Sandwiches include:

Pretzel Crusted Chicken
The Cuban
Philly Cheesesteak

Burgers include:

The CJ Burger
Cajun Black and Blue
BBQ Shrimp and Bacon

Entrees include:

Delmonico Steak ( I saw this being served, WOW what a plate filler and presentsation!)
Chicken “Aubergine”
Wasabi Pea Crusted Tuna


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