Posted by: Drew | January 29, 2009

Coast Guard Cutter “Dependable” crew returns home from patrol Sunday February 1st 2009

CAPE MAY, N.J. – The Coast Guard Cutter Dependable and its crew is scheduled to return Sunday to Cape May following a month long Florida Straits patrol between Cuba and the Florida Keys, Fla., and three weeks at Naval Station Mayport, Fla., to conduct annual training.

While on patrol, the Dependable and its crew was on watch for migrants trying to make the journey from Cuba to the Florida Keys. During the crew’s time in the Florida Straits, the ship served as a holding platform for a total of 47 migrants stopped by other Coast Guard cutters.

On New Year’s Day the Dependable’s crew located a 14-foot boat made out of metal siding that was carrying 14 Cubans trying to make it to the United States. The cutter’s small boat crews stopped the vessel and brought the 14 migrants aboard the ship for processing and holding until they could be sent back to Cuba.

During the training period at Naval Station Mayport, the Dependable’s crew participated in 115 drills and training exercises involving damage control, navigation, electronic, combat systems, medical, engineering and seamanship.

The Dependable’s crew successfully completed all drills with a combined 96 percent average, making the ship and crew eligible for the Operational Readiness Award.

The Dependable is a 210-foot Coast Guard Cutter based out of Cape May with 75 crewmembers.

For any questions regarding the Coast Guard Cutter Dependable please contact Ensign Andrew Williams at (609) 898-6293 or

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