Posted by: Drew | December 21, 2008

The Year in Review – 10 Fingers and 10 Toes

Well it seems there will be no grand trumpeting fanfare or fireworks shooting high into the sky across the Jersey Shore.  We have returned, emotionaly and finacialy bankrupt so to speak.  In a nut shell…

Garden State Film Festival

We had the chance to cover  really fun film festival in Asbury Park, NJ.  Granted interviews from Diane Raver to Gabrielle Berberich we had a chance to speak with and meet so really great people.  We also made a good friend at the festival, director D.R. Hernandez.

Summer in Avalon

Laura and I spent 2 weeks in beautiful Avalon NJ.  Our rentals were coordinated by  We found some fantastic food at the Mad Batter and Stone Harbor Pizza.  The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.

New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

Invited as guests of D.R. Hernandez we were there to see her win much praise and an award for her hard work with Blue Force Films.

Greeting from the Shore

We were invited to join the press junket covering the theatrical release of Gabrielle Berberich’s coming of age tale, Greeting from the Shore.  From the private screening in Manhattan to interviewing Paul Sorvino we covered alot of ground in meeting some of the stars and getting their side of the story.

September 13th 2008

I will start with saying this.  I really though September 11th would be the day in September that was burnt into my brain for all of time.  Instead on September 13 around 1pm, I received a phone call from a friend of my family. “You mother is in the hospital with congestive heart failure”. Yea that kinda sucked.  Come to find out she was almost dead, with a pulse-ox of less than 40 (99 is normal, 89 requires constant Oxygen) my world was set into a spiral.  I packed a bag and made it from Westchester NY to Baltimore in 3 hours flat.   To keep the story simple, my dad was useless, moms “Sister” and best friend and my second mom Debbie Snyder along with Moms close friends the Potters and the Klines provided me with great emotional support. Between the living at the hospital and running around Debbie really made life a little easier for me.  Meanwhile Laura was abandoned in NY, coming out of work to find a Text Message that I had left for MD and mom was dying. My Laura is a rock. She is a solider and champion.

So come to find out Mom needed a triple, nay Quadruple Bypass, which went very well until she blew a right brained stroke the following morning.  Yea, I cant make this stuff up, I’m not that creative.     Then moms lungs stopped working. For the next week mom lie there on a ventilator.

It didn’t look good.  We prayed, We cried.  I came to realize that my mom, the bull, the prize fighter, was human.  We all breakdown.  She wouldn’t quit smoking. She spent 60 + hours a week working at Blue Cross And Blue Shield, loaded with stress as a project manager, and at the end of the day, this is what it got her.

It was about a week later that my cell phone rang about 5am, with the ICU phone number showing.  The world stopped.  Time stopped moving.  My stomach fell about 200 miles below my body.

If you have ever seen Mel Brooks “Young Frankenstein”  you may remember the way the monster talked.

“ERHHHH”  “HARRRAGG”  was all I heard over the phone. I didn’t know what was going on beyond wanting to get a pitchfork and a torch just  in case.  Then I heard a female voice saying “Ms. King… You need to give me the phone.”

It was Mom.  They had pulled the intabation tube the previous night.

My only wish was to be able to talk to my mom again.  It was granted.  I don’t need or want a gift under the tree this year.  How could I ask for more.

Fast forward about two and half months, 2 cases of “Flash Edema”, the Shingles, the stock market crashing and gas prices below $1.55 a gallon in Baltimore, MD (WOW) and I have returned back home for the holidays.

I will endeavor to continue to bring event information at the shore in the coming months.  Most of all, may all of you out here in the ether , have a joyous and happy holiday, be safe and hold your loved ones close and tell them that you love them.


  1. Hi Drew,
    I pray that 2009 will bring you kinder days and I look forward to seeing you soon. You are a wonderful son and a great man…. I’m blessed to be your friend.

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