Posted by: Drew | September 8, 2008

Operation Patriot’s Watch September 10th – 12th

Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay Port commences Operation Patriot’s Watch

PHILADELPHIA – The Coast Guard is scheduled to begin Operation Patriot’s Watch Wednesday, Sept. 10 through Sept.12 to establish a high-visibility Coast Guard presence in the port of Sector Delaware Bay and surrounding communities during the anniversary of 9/11.

Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay and surrounding units such as all small boats stations, the Coast Guard Cutter Cleat and the Coast Guard Cutter Finback, Sector Marine All-Hazards Response Team,Sector Facilities and Container Branch, Air Station Atlantic City and the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Sector Delaware Bay’s area of responsibility will be participating in the operation. The operation includes heightening security by making more patrols for units in their area.

During Operation Patriot’s Watch, the Coast Guard will educate the maritime public on the America’s Waterways Watch Program, enforce all federal and state regulations to make the port and surrounding communities a safe place for maritime commerce and recreation. Lastly, stand a vigilant watch over America’s ports during this important time.

“Operation Patriot’s Watch pays tribute to the men and women who lost their lives during the tragic terrorist attacks of 9/11,” said Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Bordeaux, a spokesperson for Sector Delaware Bay.

For more information onAmerica’s Waterway Watch Program please click here.

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