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30 Minutes with Actress Kim Shaw from Greetings From the Shore

Kim Shaw (Photo from IMDB)

Kim Shaw (Photo from IMDB)

Kim Shaw who plays Jenny Chambers in Greetings From The Shore was gracious enough to give us a brief interview before the opening of the film.  You may know her also from Sex in The City as the waitress during the Valentines dinner scene with Carrie and Miranda, or as a rather cashier in a funny Staples Easy Button commercial.  The words Genuine and Earnest come to mind after spending only five minutes talking to her.  I was going to compare her to some other actresses, but I am found at a loss, Shaw stands on her own with her bubbly personality and sunny disposition either on screen or in person.

Shaw was born in Windsor, Ontario but moved to Miami, Florida at the tender age of four when her father’s job changed. She jokingly looks at Canada as a place where all the relatives live. “I love Canada; it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.”  Since then she became an American citizen. Shaw was heavily involved with the Drama and Thespian departments in Orlando at her high school.  She fondly remembers Thespian Troop 2888.  She revealed that she wanted to become a Criminal Psychologist.  Her love for theater and acting pushed her to make the hard choice; she opted to dive into the acting business instead of doing four years in the Criminal Psychologist tract. Shaw considers herself lucky to have the most supportive parents who drove her to NY to follow her dream.  She auditioned for The American Academy of Performing Arts, and began school the following fall after graduating high school. Now she is a self proclaimed Manhattanite living and working in New York City.

Shaw was cast as the lead roll, Jenny Chambers.  The movie is based on the life of Gabrielle Berberich, writer and co producer of the film.

What was it like taking on the roll of Jenny Chambers?

“I was working as a waitress in the city,  and I was auditioning for the roll, having just signed with my manager, when I found out that I booked it, I was so blown away… There were so many girls in the audition process that I had know and watched growing up and recognized on the screen, I was so surprised, I didn’t even know where to start.  I collected myself and remembered what they taught me at the theater conservatory about starting a character.  I didn’t know at first that it was based on Gabrielle’s life… I walked into Gabriell’s studio and found out through the grapevine that it was about her. ”

Kim Shaw in Staples Easy Button

Kim Shaw in Staples Easy Button

“I took it one step at a time, I didn’t want to 100% portray her, as much as this lost girl out on her own for a while.”

Did you find it intimidating having Gabrielle Berberich on the set?

“Oh definitely…, She’s the writer, she’s the producer, she’s helped cast…  She’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, so I really wanted to make her proud and make her happy…”
Shaw went on to talk about how Greetings From the Shore is both Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak pet project.  Or “Their baby” as she put it.  Her first goal was to make them proud and do a good job.

So I understand you won two awards already for the film.

“I was so excited when I found out about it… Paul (Sorvino) and I were up for best performance and I won, so I called him us and as like ‘Aww I beat you’ (She was laughing at this point) and the other one was for best actress… This is so overwhelming for me. I’m just a girl who was in drama club, and I really like to do this (acting). Then I came to New York, and now I have this movie opening…  I couldn’t be more excited and more overwhelmed at the same time.”

Shaw won Best Lead Actress in 2007 at both the Great Lakes Film Festival and the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival.

Speaking of Paul Sorvino, what was it like working with him?

“I knew who Paul was but I had never seen Goodfellas so I wasn’t afraid of him, I wasn’t worried about him being this scary Mafioso guy. I took to him like a big teddy bear, he’s such a sweet man… he kind of took me under his wing, the same with Jay O. Sanders.”  It seems that Angles in the Outfield was a favorite movie of Shaw’s growing up.

She calls her other leading man David Fumero, “extremely good looking and handsome and extremely down to earth”.
How did the chemistry between you and David Fumero form?

“We Kinda just had a natural friendship, both of us were from Florida so we had something to easy to talk about on the way down” Shaw and Fumero drove to Lavallette together, and it was their first experience at the Jersey Shore. Naturally they both hit the beach and got the sand in their toes.

“David has been in soap operas forever so awhile, he’s done being with girls where he’s supposed to be in love… I’ve done it in theater, where you have a longtime to rehearse and organically find your own way, I think the idea (for) David and I to drive down together was a really good beginning for our character work. ”

There was kind of this moment when we parked the car, took our shoes off and went out on to the sand, I remember us looking at it and being like OH YES, we get to be here for the next 28 days… He’s such a nice guy, and he’s quite shy which a lot of people don’t know. We also had a big barbecue the first day we were down there so everybody got to know each other pretty well.”

Have you been back to the Shore since the movie?

“Absolutely! I try to get down as much as possible.  Gabrielle’s niece has become one of my good friends so we try to go as much as possible. ”

“The people of Lavallette are the sweetest kindest people I have ever met as a whole, and they really made the experience so welcoming. I remember Greg pulling me aside and telling me one day  “You will never have and experience like this again”  On most movies sets people do their jobs and are courteous to one another but they really don’t hang out so much. We played poker after filming and they had someone show us around the city on our days off, so that was just great”

“I like the intimacy of independent films and I like the idea that people aren’t being paid necessarily as much money as some one on a studio film.. There’s kind of maybe a little bit more heart that goes into and independent film… not to sat there’s no heart in studio films by any means…There’s always just this closeness I think I have always felt on Independent films than any of the studio films I did”

So where do you see Kim Shaw in 10-15 years from now?

“Everyone always asks me do you want to be famous… I never really thought about becoming famous, I just want to work, to be able to put out inspiring and good film and tv… I love movies, I love television and I know that the kind of stuff I love to watch and that’s what I want to do. Surrounding my self with good people and hopefully maybe being bi-coastal living here and in LA and just work”

Shaw recently filmed another Independent film “She’s Out of My League” with Dreamworks.


  1. Kim is my grandaughter. She is the genuine article. We as a family could not be more proud of her acting abilities. What you see on the screen movie greetings from the shore, is the way she is and has been in real life. Unfortunately we are not able to view the film in our area as yet, but we are counting on having it be here (Niagara area), and have lots of people lined up and ready to go and see it.

  2. yea kim is my cousins aunt so if you think about it technekly (spellcheck) shes my aunt to and i really want to me her!!! 🙂

  3. I’m one of Kim’s fans and I don’t actually know how old she is:)) Can someone please tell me?

    • Now Now, it’s never polite to ask a woman’s age…

  4. Just saw GREETINGS FROM THE SHORE this week. Kim, you are so real and
    down-to-earth. Please never let the industry or notoriety jade you.
    It was so refreshing to see a young actress who did not appear to be

  5. I saw the movie Greetings from the Shore this week and loved it. I have not heard of Kim before, but instantly liked her. David I knew from One life to live. I would like to see Kim in other movies. Great job!!! I’ll be watching for more work from you. I also want to thank you for doing a love story that my teen age daughter can watch without me having to edit along the way.

  6. I really enjoyed Kim’s wholesome quality and her bright sunny disposition that seemed
    genuine. I hope she will be blessed as she stays true to her values and use them to
    make a difference in the movie industry. She is truly refreshing and has an endearing
    way about herself.

  7. i have watched the movie greetings from the shore a few times also it was on again today , she is great in the role she reminds me of a young resse witherspoon , but kim is more real and has a natural beauty about her , she should be in a lot more films and tv in the future ,anyone who doesnt hire her for films or movies is a dumbass!!!! she will go a long way in her movie and tv career i wish her the best ,, your great kim !! keep your head high!!! and dont let anyone bring you down !!!!!

  8. Kim is doing an amazing job I’m so happy for her . Hopefully she reads this . JJ from the firehouse on 29th st. An old friend …. Keep up the good work .

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