Posted by: Drew | July 27, 2008

SOMA NewArt GALLERY – Victor Grasso – Opening Artist’s Reception – Saturday August 2nd, 6-9 PM.



Opening Artist’s Reception – Saturday August 2nd, 6-9 PM.

Exhibition continues through September 2, 2008

Gallery Open Daily – 10AM-10PM

SOMA Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition of Victor Grasso’s newest work – ‘For the Love Of the Deep’ with an opening Artist’s Reception Party on Saturday Evening, August 2, 2008 from 6:00PM-9:00 PM, the exhibition will continue through September 2nd.

"A Reason To Live" Linen

ENJOY a wild ride to the blackest depths of the ocean and the furthest fathoms of the imagination with an exhibition of exciting new work by artist Victor Grasso.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the Cyclops-like Mark V naval diving helmet of the 1940s. ‘For The Love Of The Deep’ is an exploration of life’s journey examined through the common man or ‘drone’ in the form of a deep-sea diver. The occupants of those old suits were severely restrained and restricted and much of my inspiration is drawn from the importance of the individual crashing through the walls of the American social standard and forging his or her own identity. To me, this show demonstrates the drone’s battle to break out of this cage and to achieve personal greatness by overcoming opposition and doubt, fulfilling ambitions, holding on to dreams and living up to one’s fullest potential and individuality.”

Grasso’s new body of work reveals an exciting young painter at his masterful best. Using inspiration from a mixed bag of sources – Old Master figures, classic diving iconography, and exotic sea creatures – Grasso has created a series of compelling compositions. In ‘The Catch,’ he juxtaposes a beautiful nude with the menacing form of a Mako shark in a powerful 6ft x 6ft work that showcases exquisite technical achievement, suggesting a bold and exciting new aesthetic from this young South Jersey artist.

"Tubby" 16 x 20 Watercolor 2008

Earlier in his career, Grasso distinguished himself by painting hyper-photorealistic depictions of the human form, often intertwined with animalistic imagery. Over the past few years he has begun weaving numerous images into one canvas, creating a visual overload of complex graphic compositions. Through variety and virtuosity, Grasso is able to elude being pigeonholed.
Grasso’s new work still displays the graphic weight of the pop artist, but manages a triumphant marriage with the style of the Baroque Spanish Masters. This is accomplished through the precise study of elaborate composition, diagrammatic tempos, and vibrant veneers of sixteenth century European paintings, as well as a thorough knowledge of twentieth century American art. The result? An intoxicating fusion that is completely the artist’s own.

In SOMA Gallery II, Grasso will present a new series of watercolor paintings reflecting on the same theme – ‘simulating the human journey through a profound fixation for the bottom of the drink.’

SOMA NewArt GALLERY 31 Perry Street, Cape May, NJ 08204 609-898-7488


  1. I had the fortunate opportunity to peek into the SOMA gallery before the opening of this show and felt as though I was entering a new reality.

    Grasso’s images are provocative and thoughtful.

    Drew, I appreciate your attention and your critique of this young artist and am confident that his unique perspective and incomparable talent will prove him legendary.

  2. i have been drawing, painting, and sketching for years now. not once has anyone else’s work truly made me feel like they were digging deep into the inner realms of my brain. none of the pictures online truly do this justice, please go to the gallery and admire this guy’s work in real life.

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