Posted by: Drew | July 19, 2008

Film Society Declares August “Movie Premiere Month”

(Cape May, NJ) The Cape May Film Society has declared next month “Movie Premiere Month,” and it has the movies to back it up. All films will begin at 7:00 p.m. on three different Mondays at three different venues.

On August 4th at Cape May Stage, the Film Society presents the world premiere of the documentary

From the Film By Grace

From the Film "By Grace"

ByGrace*, which follows the story of Kenyan orphans overcoming tremendous odds to survive. Filmmaker Chad Shagren is not only a local who traveled East Africa for production, but is also a former Cape May Film Academy Young Filmmaker. “The children portrayed in ByGrace* belong to an orphanage in the slums of Nairobi,” says Shagren. “The documentary concentrates on Ben, an HIV positive orphan, and the daily hardships present in an over capacitated orphanage in Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet the children of ByGrace* never give up, confronting each day’s obstacles relentlessly, showing hope, resolve, and in Ben’s case, humor.”

“This will really be a night to celebrate our Young Filmmakers,” says JC Stinson, who had helped Chad and his colleagues finish the film. “What Chad has done is amazing-and his film is both inspiring and alarming at the same time. We’ll also have a new film presented by another graduate of the program, Wesley Laudeman. Both of these filmmakers came through our program, and both films will leave quite an impression.”

Photo Edward Wuerker

Photo by Edward Wuerker

The second film in the series is entitled “Great New Jersey Coastal Storms,” from filmmaker Gregg Hoffman. “The fury of the sea is captured here in rare movies and vintage newsreels,” says Hoffman.

Photo By Bob Curran

Photo By Bob Curran

“We also have eyewitness accounts from those who have lived through the storms.” During this movie premiere night, held at Beach Theatre on August 11, the Film Society wants to hear from the community. “This is an active call for speakers,” says Annie Mullock, Events Director for the Society. “We want to hear from our neighbors who can remember a story or two about some of the big storms that have passed through our town.”

From the Film The Road Home

From the Film "The Road Home"

On August 18 at the Cape May VFW, the Film Society will host the regional premiere of “The Road Home,” a stirring documentary that follows a group of disabled Americans who regain control of their lives by training for, then crossing the finish line at the NYC Marathon. “Though these men and women are recent amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan, this is not ‘just another Iraq War movie,’ says producer, Andrew Tilson (who will be present at the screening). “With the assistance of a NYC based disabled athletes club, Achilles, we tell the story of what it means to be suddenly and severely disabled in your prime, and one way of coming back home.”

“These are important and moving films,” says Corbin Cogswell, Chair or the Film Society’s Program and Membership Committee. “And what’s better than a night at the movies? When those movies are world or regional premieres. Three Mondays in August, three fantastic venues, and three great premiere films-we are truly looking forward to this series.”

The Cape May Film Society will host the eighth annual Cape May Film Festival, which is New Jersey’s premiere film festival dedicated to the support and presentation of creative, challenging, groundbreaking, film/video works by New Jersey filmmakers. The Society is also the region’s leading educational and cultural resource for youth and adult learners interested in all facets of the cinematic experience. For tickets to this program, contact the Film Festival office at 609-884-6700 or visit them online at



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