Posted by: Drew | July 8, 2008

Oil Rig’s Off Point Pleaseant? Texas Tea, Pure Crude Pumping Off Shore of Atlantic City??

Holy Oily Slick Soaked Beach Party Batman! With gas reaching $4.00 a gallon officially in NJ, does drilling off shore of the Jersey Shore make sense? Is it the next Saudi Arabia? Picture the not to distant future when an oil spill does a Valdez on LBI and Old Barney is looking out over a 30 mile oil slick. This is no joke. Check out some of these stories. I for one don’t want to spend my vacation cleaning baby ducks off if it happens.

From Asbury Park Press

Drilling off the Jersey Shore or even off Virginia could jeopardize the tourism

economy and the environment MORE…

From Clean Ocean Action

“Insanity Island:” a mega-manmade island for an offshore industrial complex by the private Atlantic Sea Island Group MORE…

From The Star Ledger

McCain, in a speech yesterday in Houston, said he favors letting each state decide whether to allow offshore exploration for oil and gas and share royalties with the federal government MORE…


The moratorium on drilling has been in effect since 1982. MORE…


U.S. Department of Energy

U.S. Minerals Management Service


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