Posted by: Drew | July 7, 2008

Shark River Plane Crash Was the Second Crash of the Pilot & Plane

WOW it seems that the plane that crashed this weekend had been involved in a crash before. We obtained a copy of the National Transportation Safety Board report. It states that Jahn’s had an accident on Halloween of 2006. While the NJ State Police and NTSB / FAA will deem what the cause was and this is provided for informational purposes. Read it for yourself.

“According to the pilot, the builder/owner of the amateur built RV-7 hired the pilot, who was also a designated airworthiness representative, to inspect the airplane and to perform its first test flight. During the preflight inspection, the pilot did not remove the cowling to inspect the engine
compartment. The pilot completed the test flight and returned to the airport for landing. On final approach, he adjusted the throttle, but the engine did not respond and he could not increase or decrease power. He then extended the flaps and “slipped” the airplane, but was “going too fast and was too high” to land. He turned the airplane to land on another runway, but during the turn, the airplane “lost altitude” and impacted the ramp area.”


This information is as accurate as possible, if there are explinations or corections please contact us directly.


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