Posted by: Drew | July 6, 2008

Plane Crashes in Shark River in Neptune NJ July 5th 2008

080705 Plane Crash

A rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet, N.J., searches for survivors from a plane crash in Shark River, N.J., Saturday, July 5, 2008. The search began after a small, four-seat plane crashed into the river near Indian River Island. (U.S. Coast Guard photo/Petty Officer 2nd Class Louis Keating)

Gravity seems to have the upper hand this weekend on the Jersey Shore. Only this time there has been fatalities. The plane crash happened at 6:53 p.m., about 250 yards east of the Shark River Municipal Marina, near the number three buoy near Shark River Island, in about three feet of water.

UPDATE: Coast Guard ends search, assists local, federal agencies in plane crash.

I chatted via email with a Rick, a local from Belmar he had this to say…

“I was eating dinner at app. 7PM when the wierdest noise came flying over my house. Im sure anyone in 2 square miles could have easily heard this plane. as i heard it i figured it was just flying low for fun or something until i heard the boom. once i heard that i rushed outside and down to the river where people were already crying and running around franticly. one man said “that it went nose first right into the river”. I had seen the smoke when i was running to the river but not the plane itself. soon later police and emergency response started showing up. then they took over. They having been bringing back debris of the plane(not anything big like wings) but small remnants.”

Coast Guard ends search, assists local, federal agencies in plane crash

AVON-BY-THE-SEA, N.J. – The Coast Guard has ended its search for survivors today from a plane crash near Shark River Island here and is assisting local and federal agencies.

The Coast Guard began their search at 6:51 p.m. when a four-seat plane crashed in about three feet of water in Shark River.

A rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet, N.J., searched for survivors along with local and state agencies and a boat crew from Boat U.S.

The New Jersey State Police is heading recovery efforts and is conducting an investigation along with the Federal Aviation Administration. Coast Guard personnel remain on scene to assist the New Jersey State Police and to enforce a safety zone around the crash site.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

(from the USCG)

I have put together a few links from the papers and web to fill you in.


State Police Sgt. Stephen Jones said authorities weren’t sure how many people were aboard the plane, or even the type of plane or where it was from. Coast Guard lessening its role in search MORE…

From Asbury Park Press

A small four-seater plane crashed Saturday evening into the shallow waters of the Shark River, and rescue crews were at the scene searching for bodies and debris, authorities said. MORE…

See the Video of the Accident Site

From the US Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is searching for survivors today after a small, four-seat plane crashed near Shark River Island here. MORE…

From the Newark Eximaner

A witness to this evening’s plane crash says he saw the small aircraft roar overhead and then crash into the water, almost noiselessly. MORE…


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