Posted by: Drew | July 3, 2008

Call for Extras! Film Society Hosts Indie Feature Movie Production in Cape May

(Cape May, NJ) Beginning mid-July, Emergency Poncho Productions, an independent film company, will begin shooting scenes from its new feature film, “Sneakers and Soul” here in Cape May. The Cape May Film Society is providing help with set locations, caterers, make-up artists, and other resources. The Society is also placing a call for extras for the production.

The film’s director is Jonathan Zelenak, whose mother, Victoria, is the Superintendent of Cape May Elementary School and sits on the Program and Membership Committee for the Cape May Film Society. “When Victoria brought this up at a current committee meeting,” says Corbin Cogswell, chair of the committee, “I knew the Film Society would want to play host—that’s part of our mission.”

The story of “Sneakers and Soul” is this: After inheriting a pair of blue sneakers and a mysterious key to a New York City apartment, a young work-obsessed lawyer finds himself following in his late father’s adventurous footsteps – walking from South Jersey to New York with his loyal, but complicated best friend. Site locations include Cape Regional Medical Center and an office location in North Cape May.

The scene needing extras will be the reading of a will. Shooting will take place on Saturday, July 19th at 3:00 p.m. at the elementary school, and all are encouraged to inquire about the opportunity. Call Niki Janowski, the film’s Producer, directly at 540-818-4273 or e-mail

The Cape May Film Society hosts the Cape May Film Festival, which is New Jersey’s premiere film festival dedicated to the support and presentation of creative, challenging, groundbreaking, film/video works by New Jersey filmmakers. The Society is also the region’s leading educational and cultural resource for youth and adult learners, as well as independent filmmakers, through the Cape May Film Academy.

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  1. For those interested the reading of the will scene was a great success and the production of the movie is moving right along.

    The Sneakers and Soul have set up a blog which they will be posting updates on at The web site for the film, is currently being updated.

  2. […] than helpful with helping this project materialize. I would like to send them a personal thanks for helping the crew to obtain extras for the film. I know that there are alot of people and organizations involved with making this project possible, […]

  3. Great place to be filming – Cape May. My parents had friends that owned the Lafayette Hotel so we visited there many times as a child. Look forward to seeing this production when it is completed!

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