Posted by: Drew | June 26, 2008

News! Possible Attack by Dolphins on Schools – Navesink River NJ

Schools of Bait fish that is!

UPDATE July 7th 2008


Federal authorities followed through on their warnings for boaters not to harrass dolphins… MORE…

From AOL News

Wednesday morning, a group of six dolphins splashed, leapt and dove in the middle of the Shrewsbury River, a narrow waterway between Sea Bright and Rumson about 10 miles north of Asbury Park. Most boaters kept a respectful distance even as they snapped photos, but some seemed oblivious. One powerboat roared directly over the spot where the dolphins had surfaced just seconds earlier; fortunately, the dolphins surfaced a few yards away shortly afterward. MORE…

From Yahoo News

Between 12 to 14 dolphins — including at least three calves — have been frolicking in the Shrewsbury and Navesink rivers for the past two weeks, the likely result of a wrong turn inland following schools of bait fish. MORE…

In a related story from The Cape May Herald

Pods of Bottlenose Dolphins arrived early this summer, perhaps enticed by higher than normal water temperatures off the Wildwoods and Cape May.
Jeff Stewart Jr., manager and a captain of the Cape May Whale Watcher, docked at the Miss Chris Marina at Schellenger’s Landing, said he at one time thought the dolphins wintered as far south as Florida or the Caribbean. MORE…



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