Posted by: Drew | June 26, 2008

News Flash, Cape May NJ, The Mad Batter Strikes Again!

Holy Scrambled Eggs Batman! I never though a casual mention would get so much attention on a food review.  But! we got a great comment that I though was worthy of a post.  Check out this endorsement from Heather and her boyfriend who recently visited the Mad Batter.

“My boyfriend and I are from Brooklyn, NY. Visiting from the city you can only imagine how picky we are about coffee and moreover our brunches. We were in search of a “decent” menu and also a comparable price to the amount of food served. We stumbled across this little find and I suggested we try this restaurant on a whim. To our surprise it was absolutely wonderful!!!! I just ordered an omelet cooked to perfection, the potatoes are sliced and browned around the edges, even the toast was a savory seven grain. I can’t even tell you how mouthwatering the oatmeal pancakes were. We loved it so much we went back for dinner tonight and the raves go on and on! We are actually going back in the morning before we leave. The service from our waitress was fantastic (we are in the business so we know what good service is) So thank you Mad Batter for all your greatness. You gave me such a different perspective Cape May’s restaurants. That if and when I come back you will definitely see me again.”  Heather – Brooklyn, NY

Also see The Average Cook

The Mad Batter is perhaps one of the most popular places for breakfast and usually there is a short wait, but it’s worth it. My husband had oatmeal pancakes (hearty and filling) MORE…

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