Posted by: Drew | June 26, 2008

An Evening with Blue Force Films – Part of the Family

I was very lucky to be invited to the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival Awards as a guest of Donna Roman (D.R.) Hernandez, award winning Director and all round great person.

We met at the Times Square Arts Center which is almost opposite Port Authority, 669 8th Ave between 42nd and 43rd streets. There were a grand cast of characters that were in attendance. The photo at the rights shows,

D.R.Hernandez, Director & Actor , Peter & Christopher Iengo, Gera Hernandez, Up and coming new actor from Edgewater NJ, Joseph Reyes and his Fiancee Jennifer Hernandez.

When they called Best New York Director, D.R. Hernandez for a Call for Valor, there was much applause and D.R. was joined by Ken Hogan, her husband Jerry and Caldwell, NJ Film Editor Erwin Kreiner.

Joseph Reyes who already has the bearing and demeanor of a superstar, will be making his debut in D.R.’s next project. A recent Jersey transplant to Edgewater, Reyes works the daily grind keeping the New York Transit Rail Road’s running. As far as Reyes movie career, everything is hush hush until D.R. makes the final casting decisions. Reyes cites Sean Connery & Denzel Washington as actors he likes. He finds their strong authoritative presence that take command of the screen the real draw. Reyes would the chance to play a bad guy. It is no doubt that he is a natural and will give a great performance. On the weekends you may see Reyes and his Fiancee Jennifer in Point Pleasant at the Tiki Bar at Jenks or around town.

Other people we met along the way.

Ken Hogan, the subject of D.R.’s Documentary Call for Valor was in attendance and was a nice guy to speak with.

Erwin & Robin Kreiner from Aladdin Video Services. Erwin is D.R’s editor. Check out his company for a huge array of video needs.

We also had a chance to make friends with Best Short Crime Film, Director Peter Iengo and his brother, actor Christopher who both worked on “Blood Oath”

Aside of some really dry humor that opened the awards were a fun experience and Experience The Shore was grateful for the chance to attend.

Blue Force Films -(center) Latina Film Director Donna Roman Hernandez

Left to right Robin Kreiner, Jennifer Hernandez, Joseph Reyes, Gera Hernandez, Erwin Kreiner, Ken Hogan

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