Posted by: Drew | June 16, 2008

Live from Avalon NJ June 16 2008 VACATION!!!!

Family at play, Avalon NJ June 2008 29th st BeachSo the wife and I managed to break free the surly bonds of the Big Apple and beat feet out of town. My first reaction to getting into NJ (haven’t been in Jersey since last month) was the gas prices. WTF? I can’t believe just how expensive it is getting to drive to the shore. I used to make this run (Avalon to NYC) 3 times a month for the past few years and I know realize couldn’t afford to do it now. Well whatever. So it was an uneventful trip aside the few speed daemons plowing through 65 mph traffic. I haven’t come down on a Sunday during the day in a long time, and had forgotten how bad the north bound side of the Garden State Parkway was with the traffic.

Laura walking towards the 30th street fishing pier in Avalon NJ June 2008When we arrived in Avalon we hit the ACME to stock up and in 3 minutes I ran in to an old friend and her daughter. This island has that affect with me, I can slip down here for 20 minutes unannounced and people will call me on the cell saying ” Did I just see you drive by?” or “I didn’t know you were in town”. Kinda freaky.

I have to admit that I am not an Avalon native. I fell into a great job for a great company a few summers ago. Avalon Real Estate Agency hired me to be their photographer after the former guy just couldn’t take the beautiful weather, company car and great working environment. Life on the shore is so hard. Anyhow after spending the summer working, Eat your Heart Out I decided to move from Wildwood to Avalon. The town has its idiosyncrasies but thanks to a real zoning board, a great mayor who give a dam (unlike many NJ towns) and one of the best Fire / Police departments on the Jersey Shore, the town is live a little slice of Nirvana. As you come in the causeway, watching for turtles, it’s live you fell down the hole behind Alice. From the Parkway we watched the temperature drop 7 degrees, the sayings are true, Avalon is Cooler by a Mile.
After getting our keys and stuff from Janice Potts – The Best of the we went to our 1.7 million dollar Beach House. As soon as my peanut vending venture turns a profit I will buy this house. Alas we are only simple renters. Kidding aside it is really great how you can get a taste of the good life without having to have a mortgage down here. As life changes you realize how lucky you are when you stand on your deck and see the ocean, boardwalk and sky for miles.

29th Street Beach Life Saving Boat June 2008As soon as we unpacked we headed to the beach. It was late, near sunset but we needed to enjoy the main reason we came here. You see I am afforded a great position in life, I am a freelancer. Laura on the other hand is not and her time off is very valuable to her. I always arrange to be home during the week one day so we can spend time together. This is our first vacation together. We had looked at DC, Lake George, Hershey Park and even the mouse himself, Disney. We lived on the shore in Wildwood. We busted our ass is the better term, working 2-3 jobs all summer (we are in our late 30’s not teens) we saved and did dinner at the dollar store for 4 months. I kid you not, she left Wildwood in ’06 to go back to NYC ( We have issues beyond our control that require us to be close to Westchester NY) and bought a condo with what we earned (down payment) . The Shore Giveith and will Provide if your willing. I followed up the following summer. The need to reach the beach prevailed.

Sunset from 29th Street Beach, Avalon NJIt turns out my great grand father sold cheese during the summer between Atlantic City and Stone Harbor to all the rich folks. Kind of ironic since I found this out from my Great Aunt who is 91 and just told me about this 2 years ago. Go figure. The Jersey Shore is like a magnet, it pulls you back weather you like it or not. Laura and I open our arms to the universe and let the Shore guide us home whenever we can.

We walked along the beach watching children jumping waves and young lovers sitting on the beach kissing. Each person creating a memory what will last far beyond this very late spring evening in Avalon NJ.

Stay tuned this week for episode 2 of We Shore Were Hungry!



  1. Hi. We were both on vacation with our families in Avalon during the same week. I adore Avalon. I took lots of photos, too.

  2. PS Can you get me a job as a photographer for Avalon Real Estate? That would be a fantastic job!

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