Posted by: Drew | June 14, 2008

Our Friend Donna Roman (D.R.) Hernandez in the Independent Features Film Festival

Our friend from the Garden State Film Festival Donna Roman (D.R.) Hernandez  (Former Caldwell, NJ Police Captain & Asbury Park Vacationer) and her independent film company Blue Force Films Presents…
“A CALL FOR VALOR” which is now in competition in the Independent Features Film Festival NOW through June 30, 2008.

A short 11-minute documentary film that tells the story of veteran Irvington, New Jersey Police Sergeant Ken Hogan and his brush with death in 1994 when he was ambushed in his police car and shot four times by a drug dealer. The film focuses on Sgt. Hogan’s survival and recovery, his depth of courage, strong will to live and strategy for surviving four bullet wounds to his body. Left for dead with the last bullet lodging in his head, Sgt. Hogan bravely implemented his well-honed plan to survive this armed encounter and tells how in “A Call For Valor”.

“A CALL FOR VALOR” is viewable on-line through the Independent Features Film Festival competition NOW through June 30, 2008.

There are two ways to access the film festival:


Click on the “Premieres” header on Blue Force Films’ home page for the website link to the Independent Features film festival and follow the film festival’s website directions how to view the film………


Go directly to the film festival’s website at:

* You must register onto the festival website.

* A confirmation of registration will be emailed to you.

* Then log onto the festival website using your confirmed email address and password. You will be asked to download the software for “Lycos Cinema”. After the software is loaded into your computer, you’re ready to view “A Call For Valor”.

– Click onto the “View Films” icon at the top of the Independent Features webpage.

* On the left side of the next webpage, select the “documentary” genre category.

* “A Call For Valor” is the first entry in this genre category. Click onto the ‘view film’ icon for Valor and follow the prompts for watching it.

* View and vote for ‘Valor” and please forward this email to your contacts.

Note: The Independent Features website has a few gliches…..but please try your best to view the film.

Every vote counts.


Donna Roman (D.R.) Hernandez


Veteran Irvington New Jersey Police Sergeant Ken Hogan never expected the suspect he stopped on a cold, snowy morning in January of 1994 to be armed and ready to end his life. The suspect had a mission not only to kill Hogan but also to kill himself.

Sergeant Hogan notified Police Communications that he was stopping the suspect and seconds later he radioed Communications twice “I’ve been shot”. Backup Officers quickly responded to this “Officer Down” call but when they arrived on scene the ambush was all over.

Sgt. Hogan was ambushed inside his police car as the suspect fired more than 19 bullets at Hogan from a semi-automatic weapon. Sgt. Hogan never had the chance to unholster his weapon. Hogan was bleeding profusely suffering with four bullets in his body, with the last one lodging his skull. He knew he was in a bad place with no where to hide so he relied on his own survival plan to live, a plan he honed his entire career.

The suspect completed only part of his mission-he died at his own hand a few blocks from the ambush.

Sgt. Ken Hogan lived and tells his courageous story in A CALL FOR VALOR, an independent film production by Blue Force Films, D.R. Hernandez, Director & Producer.


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