Posted by: Drew | June 14, 2008

Donna Roman (D.R.) Hernandez to recive Best New York Director Award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival June 25, 2008

Latina film director D. R. Hernandez to receive the Best New York Director Award for “A Call for Valor” at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival awards party on June 25th, 2008″

New York, NY [June 14, 2008] — Celebrated former Caldwell, New Jersey Police Captain turned award-winning filmmaker and Director Donna Roman (D.R.) Hernandez today announced that she will receive the Best New York Director Award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival for her crime documentary short film “A Call for Valor” that was screened as part of the Winter 2008 edition of the prestigious New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF). The NYIIFVF Awards Party will take place at the impressive Times Square Arts Building (formerly The Laugh Factory) located on 8th Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets in New York City.

Written, produced and directed by Hernandez in conjunction with her production company, Blue Force Films, “A Call for Valor” tells the story of veteran New Jersey Police Sergeant Ken Hogan and his brush with death. In 1994, Sgt. Hogan was ambushed in his police car by a man on a mission to kill himself and Hogan. Nineteen bullets were fired from the semi-automatic weapon, four of them penetrated Hogan’s body with the last bullet lodging in his skull. Left for dead, Sergeant Hogan bravely implemented his well-honed plan to survive the dreaded armed encounter. The shooter later committed suicide as he was pursued by other officers. Viewers can watch a reenactment of the crime scene as well as poignant excerpts from the 911 tape recording, dispatcher Lolita Whiting, Dennis Doriety, St. Hogan’s then Police partner and Sergeant Hogan as he reveals the shocking details of the attack and his plan to survive a near-fatal shooting.

The film focuses on survival and recovery. Sgt’s Hogan’s depth of courage, strong will to live and strategy for survival was exceptionally well implemented at the right moment. Ms. Hernandez who recently retired from law enforcement after 26 years of service felt compelled to make the film as a tribute to Sgt. Hogan’s bravery.

In a recent interview for Independent Film Quarterly, Hernandez commented, “Sgt. Ken Hogan and I are police colleagues. His story is every cop’s worst nightmare of being shot in the line of duty,” said Hernandez. “In early 2007, Sgt. Hogan allowed me to hear the actual 911 tape and view the crime scene photos from the day he was shot. I was amazed at Ken’s ability to perform his duty and call Headquarters after being shot multiple times, bleeding profusely and facing the threat of death. I knew instantly that his miraculous tale of survival should be told. I am honored Sgt. Ken Hogan allowed me to tell it in “A Call For Valor.”
According to NYIIFVF’s Founder and Executive Producer Stuart Alson “I was very touched by A Call for Valor. The film is an extraordinary example of courage. Ms. Hernandez has the talent and determination needed to succeed in the film industry and we are honored to be giving the short film the exposure it deserves. DR Hernandez is a confident woman, she is passionate and a true professional who is not afraid to take risks,” said Alson.

For further information about “A Call for Valor” and Blue Force Films, contact D.R. Hernandez at

About D.R. Hernandez:

Donna Roman (D.R) Hernandez is a Latina filmmaker who was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. D.R became a Police Officer in 1980 and recently retired at the rank of Captain with the Caldwell Police Department after twenty six years of service. In 2005, Ms. Hernandez founded Blue Force Films, an independent film production company specializing in documentaries and the human psyche. Her propensity for story telling has resulted in three impressive films, the multi award-winning documentary “The Ultimate Betrayal: A Survivor’s Journey that exposed her family’s 40 year history of physical and emotional terrorism at the hands of her father. Her second film “Closure” is a short drama about the altered life of a police office that lost her sister, an NYPD cop, in the World Trade Center attacks and it received the award for Best Dramatic Short at the NYIIFVF in LA. In June 2007, D.R completed “A Call for Valor” and is currently shopping it to the festival circuit and television distributors. D.R. will receive the Best Director Award for “A Call for Valor” at the NYIIFVF Awards Party in NYC on June 25, 2008.

As a veteran Police Captain in 2006, D.R. was named the 1st Runner-up for the National Positive Force Award, a prestigious award for exceptional acts of heroism in the community.

About the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival:

The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival was founded in 1993 by entertainment impresario Stuart Alson and is now recognized as the largest competitive independent film event in the world. Passionate about exposing the films and documentaries of emerging filmmakers from all over the globe, NYIIFVF is a unique platform for emerging and established filmmakers to network and screen their films in the hope of getting exposure and a distribution deal. Past festivals have included the work of Calista Flockhart, Cameron Diaz, Eva Herzigova, Guy Pearce, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Rod Steiger, Sean Lennon, Tippi Hedren, Willem Dafoe and Vin Diesel. Indie guru Abel Ferrara famously quoted in MovieMaker, “This festival is the real deal: Everybody else just talks about doing it, these guys just do it!”



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