Posted by: Drew | June 13, 2008

Residents of Midway Beach Seaside Park Hires Private Security Firm

I was emailed this tidbit today. Evil doers beware Seaside Park is waiting for you. Having been a taxi driver in the Pt. Pleasant to Seaside corridor, hauling drunks from the Sawmill and Jenkinsons, I am made to wonder what the local police force is thinking of this.  Seaside  is a great but heavily trafficked town during the summer and winter months on the weekends.  I am sure they have their hands full.

With temperatures soaring, Jersey Shore communities are swelling with visitors from across the region looking to relax on the beach. That influx of tourists is a boom to businesses but it can be a burden for permanent residents and second home owners who are concerned about an increased risk of crime, property damage or disorderly behavior. The residents of Midway Beach in South Seaside Park have taken an extra step to secure their neighborhood this summer by hiring Cambridge Security Services.

Cambridge, a leading boutique security firm, will have uniformed officers routinely patrolling the beach and inner streets of the community, providing peace of mind to residents and their families. The Cambridge officers not only offer a highly visible security presence, their regular patrols give them a familiarity with the neighborhood that allows them to recognize and respond to unusual or suspicious incidents. Steven Serritella, the Regional Vice President of Cambridge Security Services who served as a Detective with the Essex County Sherriff’s Department for nearly 20 years, sees supplemental private security as a proactive measure that more beach communities are considering to help to make the summer as enjoyable as possible.


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