Posted by: Drew | May 26, 2008

The Season Starts…

I want to thank everyone for all the traffic and send out a request…  Send me your photos from the shore! I can’t be every where all the time so send me your beach reports and become famous (well i cant promise that)

Some interesting stories from the weekend


Colleen Kelly has lived in Brick since she was a kid and she’s been hanging around the beach and boardwalk at Seaside Heights for “about eight years.” But she’d never ridden the sky lift until this weekend. MORE…


Residents from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are expected to make fewer long distance trips this Memorial Day holiday, according to a survey released by AAA Mid-Atlantic on Wednesday. MORE…

From Cape May County Herald

While fewer New Jerseyans might be traveling this Memorial Day weekend, those who head to Cape May County will at least be able to enjoy cheaper fuel prices when they get here. MORE…

Every year in the early summer, thousands of diamondback terrapins crawl out of New Jersey’s coastal salt marshes. Hundreds of these are killed on roads by speeding traffic. This carnage only occurs during the annual terrapin-nesting season a five to six week period during the summer months. MORE…


“Benny’s” Shirt Available in White or Black
S, M, L, XL: $15
XXL: $17

Contact Info:

Creator-Paul Giza


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