Posted by: Drew | May 19, 2008

Matthew Cubbler Finishes 74 miles in 72 Hours in Avalon NJ

Running Down the Shore has taken on a whole new meaning!

Matthew Cubbler On His Victiory Lap

Escorted by the Avalon Police Department and and being led by a small company of US Marines, a very tired and proud Matthew Cubbler crossed the finish line in Avalon Sunday May 18th. The crowd cheered as the US Army Veteran and Collegeville Police Officer ran in time with his escort.

Matthew Cubbler‘s family was close at hand. He wife Lauren told of a woman in a Mercedes Benz who stopped and asked what the hub bub was about, and wen told about Cubbler’s run, she donated $100 on the spot. It’s never to late to loosen your Starbucks fund to help a good cause. Check out his site for more information

Cubbler was given the key to the city and while delivering his speech, he became so overwhelmed , and his wife continued the story of his brother. This is the true test of a good mate, she had his six all the time. To archive what Cubbler did this weekend can only be considered pushing the limits of human endurance. Consider three consecutive Marathons in as many days. Regaining his composure he closed his speech thanking everyone for their support, as the first few drops of rain began to fall.

From the

ROYERSFORD — Running 78 miles in three days is not an easy task for anyone, let alone a 37-year-old man with a medical condition that causes him immense pain MORE…

His book “A Brothers Love: A Memoir” about his brother Andy is available on Amazon

News 40 had this to say:

“AVALON -A Pennsylvania police officer and U.S. Army veteran, who served in the first Iraq War, set out to raise $50,000 by running from Philadelphia to the Shore.” MORE…

Matthew Cubbler with his Marine Corp Escort

A very tired and overwhelmed Matthew Cubbler


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