Posted by: Drew | April 7, 2008

More News from The Jersey Shore – Greetings From The Shore – Homegrown Award

We just spoke with Gabrielle Berberich and she tells us that after selling out the Paramount Theater, which is no easy task, Greetings From The Shore won the Homegrown Award at the 6th Garden State Film Festival and tied with Leeds Point for Audience Choice.  Now thats Jersey Representing, Old School Style. The Shore and the Jersey Devil what a twist!

Berberich also mentioned that thanks to this blog many of the Jersey Shore filmmakers and actors sought each other out to say hi and give praises of eachothers work. As Berberich put it “It gave a real sense of community to the festival”   It seems that the Leeds Point Producers, Michael Scardillo and Jeff Heimbuch were able to connect with Berberich and she has graciously offered to run a screening of the Leeds Point at her studio in Manhattan.

It’s important to remember that when we have a large event such as the Garden State Film Festival on the shore, the effects continue to ripple outward way after we have all went home.

Coming up what really happened to Guitarbeque…


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