Posted by: Drew | April 5, 2008

Leeds Point – The Review

Throughly Creepy and Brooding

First the Synopsis of the movie:

After a mass disappearance and brutal killing at a local campsite, the residents of Leeds Point believe a mad man is on the loose.

Unfortunately for Chase, many people believe that man to be him. Though his son is among the missing, Chase remains the main suspect in the case.

But as time goes on, and more mysterious deaths occur, the truth behind the crimes just might be the one thing Chase refuses to believe in: The Jersey Devil.

Something is lurking in the woods of Leeds Point…Something that will change Chase Jackson’s life forever.

The Review

I was given the exclusive first look at the movie. Heimbuch and Scardillo have put together one helluva creepy movie that much like The Blair Witch Project, will have you looking over your shoulder at night while walking the dog. The story caries the film and you really feel a connection to Chase (Kevin Interdonato) and his grief. Melanie Minichino, wow, whats the old saying about a womans scorn? While only in one scene she really makes her part believable.
Surprisingly filmed on a low budget, the use of locations and sets is diverse. This independent at its best.

The movie could use some quicker pacing in some points but overall the tension builds much like Jaws until all hell breaks loose. Ravi Iyer redefines the nervous geek in the picture.

With all the undercurrents flowing thought his movie , its like getting caught in a riptide. True horror buffs may not find Leeds Point that scary. There weren’t many scenes that will have you running behind moms apron, but the slow, methodical manner that the story plays build a crescendo which is both frightening and heartbreaking for Interdonato character. The last moment of the movie nods back to famous movie moments such as Die Hard. You have to see this film.

Leeds Point is a feature length film about New Jersey’s most prolific legend: The Jersey Devil. The story of the Devil has been passed on for generations, and has been in the back of everyone’s mind who ever set foot in the Pine Barrens.

Directed By – Santo Scardillo
Written By – Jeff Heimbuch & Santo Scardillo
Produced By – Jeff Heimbuch & Santo Scardillo

Kevin Interdonato – Chase Jackson
Ravi M Iyer – Knox
Vincent Ceres – Matthew
Michael Jarmus – Barry Cowen
Melanie Minichino – Stephanie
Logan Tracey – Perri
Greer Wilson – Harris


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