Posted by: Drew | April 5, 2008

10 Minutes With Producer Ron DiPrimio – Sorrow Hill – Grindhouse Pictures

We had a chance to talk with South Jersey Celeb Ron DiPrimio, resident President of Grindhouse Pictures at the 6th Garden State Film Festival.  No not that Grindhouse, it seems DiPrimio had the name first.  A life time resident of Vineland, and no stranger to the shore, DiPrimio has taken a big step investing in equiptment, marketing and his own time to  create a trailer for a soon to be shot horror movie. No sissies allowed, the trailer will scare the hell out you.  It debuted this weekend at the 6th Garden State Film Festival, leading off the horror block of entries.

So what is the big deal with seventy five seconds of movie trailer. Try two hundred hours to produce and edit for entry.  DiPrimio is here seeking the holy grail of the independent filmmaker.  No not a  silly trophy or handshake.  He wants your money. Yea thats right, dont let the boyish smile fool ya, this guy is all about business.  His goal this weekend is to talk you into buying a chunk of his dream (or nightmare) for about thirty thousand clams.  This is not a bad thing.  His company already has alot of support from his one hundred thousand hits a week on his website.  Again, stop shaking your head , I don’t make this stuff up. It seems DiPrimio also hosts a very sucessful radio show Grindhouse Radio.

Grindhouse Radio can be heard every Friday night on Crusin’ 92.1 WVLT at the bewitching hour of midnight.
Each week Grindhouse Radio brings you some of the best discussions on everything horror from movies to DVD releases to websites dedicated to horror and of course the latest in horror movie news.  And you can listen on the internet.

DiPrimo has been writing since he was a child.  Working in the tech field didn’t stop this screenwriter with a dream. So two years ago he decided that he would like to be hands on making his visions (no mater how evil) a reality (Oh The Horror!) and formed Grindhouse Pictures.   The model of an independent he is self taught in all areas of the business.  He considers Riddly Scott and John Carpenter significant influences but feels John Landis is his biggest.  The one movie he feels that is most significant to igniting his fire is An American Werewolf In London. Speaking on the film, DiPrimoio says “6 weeks, they shot January and February and it was out that August, which is unheard of on a movie like that, thats what inspires me to do this

As far as the digital age, DiPrimio feels “YouTube and the Internet are great vehicle’s if used correctly” Also “We use the internet to do our casting calls…we put the call out (on Craigslist) and we had over one hundred and ten people show up.”  DiPrimio says that he will utilize YouTube to show production diaries, the trailer and more as they progress.  When asked about the recent writers strike he said, “I think the writers finally got what they deserved…without writers theres nothing to direct!”

With or without investors principal photography starts in May of 2008 on Sorrow Hill.  They have been given the old Atlantic City Raceway to use as a set, having negotiated one jaw dropping deal for the multi acre “set”.  Yea you guessed it, they gave it to him for free!  DiPrimio says “It looks like an abandoned asylum, which is where our movie is set”  He feels really strong about finding some investment capital. He has the set, the actors, and the crew working for free.  The special effect makeup and additional set construction though quickly racks up a financial quagmire. But there is hope.  They have raised over eight thousand with fund raisers, t shirts and raffles.

Their investment documents look very well done, and all they are asking for is $100.00.  Come On, you spend that on dinner in Cape May on an off-season night.  Just think, by simply investing $100 dollars you can become a movie producer and see your name on the big screen. Also, once you invest he will send you a Sorrow Hill Movie poster signed by the cast and you will also get a signed copy of the DVD once the movie is completed of course. So what are you waiting for, contact Ron DiPrimio directly and invest in a movie that’s going turn the horror world on it’s ear! Or rip them off!

By Drew King

Ron did not ask me to post this last part, but I feel these guys are really ready to go big given the boost they need.


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