Posted by: Drew | April 4, 2008

30 Minutes With Jeff Heimbuch – Jersey Shore Producer- Leeds Point April 5th

Today we will speak with Jeff Heimbuch, owner of Bamfer Productions and Co-Writer and Co-Producer of the new film Leeds Point. The film is debuting at the 6th Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park April 5th.

Brooklyn by birth and Jersey by the grace of God

Heimbuch was born in November of 1983 in Brooklyn NY to Rich and Michele Heimbuch. The family moved to Brick NJ when he was about three years old. He attended Brick public schools and when asked if he was a Dragon or Mustang,

he quickly answered “I am not a Dragon, I am a Mustang.” For those of you who have not had the pleasure to have spent time in Brick, it refers to the a sports rivalry that splits the town in half. Besides his parents he also acknowledges his brother Justinn who has been in many of his short films as his core supporters.

After attending Brick Public School he says, ” I took all the radio and TV classes that the school system offered…they really didn’t offer too much in that tell you the truth I didn’t learn a whole lot from them.” referring to his attempting to start a communications track to his education. Following his dream, he attended William Patterson University in Wayne New Jersey where he majored in film. Heimbuch cites Sam Raimi and Robbie Rodriguez (Grindhouse) as his influences and also considers himself obsessed with LOST, even making a short parody that has been seen on SKY TV in Europe. While at William Patterson he met fellow Ocean County resident Michael Scardillo. Scardillo and Heimbuch found they needed to take the next step when they returned to Ocean County after being at school in Wayne.

Leeds Point

That next step was Leeds Point. Heimbuch felt that the two were very lucky to get such professional actors to involve themselves with the project. Brian Wilson , Melanie Minichino along with Kevin Interdonato, who Heimbuch has worked with previously, were all alumni of The Sopranos. Ravi Iyer, is a good friend of Scardillo’s. Like any business, it’s all about building relationships.

Getting Leeds Point in the can was a tremendous undertaking for both Heimbuch and Michael Scardillo. He says of the experience:

JH: At the end of it, Now I can breathe easier because it was such a huge undertaking. It was an enormous task that took up so many months of our lives, I’m not saying it was a bad thing , it was a fantastic experience. It makes me feel good that we can look back on it now and say wow, we made this and we can be very proud of it.

DK: I understand you had offices at the Rainbow Diner in Brick.

JH: (laughing) I wish we could have rented a booth, it would have probably been cheaper for us.

DK: What did you find the biggest challenge during the filming of Leeds Point?

JH: Chiggers… One Saturday night we shot on a farm, we were fine all night and the next morning we were shooting, I said man my feet itch, I took my shoe off and man they were everywhere on my feet, my legs.

Probably no creature on earth can cause as much torment for it’s size than the tiny chigger. Tiny six-legged chigger attack campers, hikers, fishermen in low, damp areas near woodlands, in drier places such as lawns, and parks. They are most numerous in early summer. Chiggers insert their mouth parts in a skin pore. Their bites produce small, reddish welts on the skin accompanied by intense itching as irritating poison ivory. Chiggers feed humans in addition to small birds, turtles and snakes.

On The Technology of Movie making

While shooting Leeds Point digitally Heimbuch feels there is still much to be learned from working with 35mm. It’s simple economics that DVD is faster, easier and cheaper than film. He admits to shooting live bands and concert videos but that work has trailed off in favor of film making. Heimbuch also feels that there could be better communication among Jersey filmmakers as to what’s going on around the area. (something that this blog it seems is filling)

On the Writer’s Strike and potential SAG strike he simple said ” What a mess.” “For the writers I think they got what they deserved, I don’t think they got as much as they deserved…it’s a good start for the five years till they renegotiate.” Heimbuch also sees the actors going on strike as a definite possibility.

On the topic of internet distribution Heimbuch says, “For independent people like us (YouTube) is definatetly the way to go. There has never been anything like it where you can get whatever you want in an instant. It’s what people want.”

The Shore

Brick 2 is his beach of choice but he hasn’t had the time to do that much with production last summer. He did a stint at Jenkinsons in Point Pleasant. On the weekends now you might catch sight of him on the boards in Point Pleasant. He amusingly recalled working at Jenkinsons “…and hated every minute of it.” and now he’s there again (as a patron).
“Being on the shore during the summer is definitely gorgeous…the scenery is nice.”

DK: So have you seen the Jersey Devil?

JH: I don’t think that I’ve had the pleasure, I’d like to meet him and show him the film.

DK: Any parting advice to the kids in AV class at Brick High School?

JH: I would say, GO FOR IT, you’re not going to accomplish anything by just talking about it , the more you do it, the better you will get. Stop thinking about, just do it. Look back and you will be really proud of yourself.




  2. Jeff, I am so proud of you. You are my shining star!!!! Stay true to yourself and keep up the great work. Love, Mom

  3. Congratulations on your film. You are so very talented! Now about that 20 million dollars…

  4. Hey Jeff, that was so wonderful to read. You sound like you really enjoy what you do, although It doesn’t seem like luck has much to do with it, it’s your talent that got you where you are. Good luck “Mustang” You’re doing your town proud!
    Lynn Damiano

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