Posted by: Drew | April 1, 2008

Greetings From The Shore – Asbury Park April 5th

A Postcard from Summers Past

With 35 film festival awards so far and played in 50+ festivals since debuting at Montreal in August, Greetings From The Shore is representing the Jersey Shore better than a Springers ice cream cone or a Bon Jovi power ballad. This locally shot coming of age tale should be on your must see list this year. Greetings From The Shore will awaken deep memories in everyone who has ever spent time at the shore. It has heart.

Join us for a viewing at the 6th Garden State Film Festival on Saturday, April 5 2008 at 8:15 pm in the Paramount Theater located in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

This is Kim Shaw’s cinematic debut, playing the role of Jenny Chambers, a recent high school grad still reeling from the death of her father, headed for the Jersey Shore for one last summer before starting college. Hopefully that is … as her financial aid has yet to be secured. Then it all falls apart, the job falls through, car dies, mean boss, lives in a dumpy boarding house.

Then she stumbles into a mysterious world of Russian sailors, high –stakes gambling, and unexpected love. Then there’s the inevitable romance with foreigner David Fumero who allows Jenny an in with illegal immigrant workers. Least we forget the climatic high stakes poker game.

Gabrielle Berberich wrote, “Greetings From The Shore” as part memoir, part fairytale.

The film was shot in Lavallette New Jersey, in the same seaside town where the real events occurred to Berberich. Like the setting, each character is an island. They are loners, dreamers brought

together by fate for one chance for summer.

An ensemble cast brings these vivid characters to life, veteran actor Paul Sorvino adds a touch of class as Catch Turner, as a father figure for Jenny with his own issues to battle.

Lars Arentz-Hansen plays the enigmatic leader of the illegal immigrants and Jay O. Sanders portrays the local villain.

Greetings From The Shore is an homage to coming-of-age classics like Dirty

Dancing and Mystic Pizza. Greetings From The Shore is a personal and unique. It’s a love letter in the sand and a tribute to the Jersey Shore.

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  2. I saw the film , it was great. where can I obtain a copy of it.

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  4. I plan to see the movie . Ihave lived in jersey all my life. If you make another movie I would like to have a small part in it. My experience, local theatre, and I am in Warren Disbrows films,I am in, dark beginings,Scarlet Moon,&haunted hayride,soon to be released.Please contact me. thank you ron

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