Posted by: Drew | March 28, 2008

30 Minutes With Kevin Interdonato – From Baghdad to The Jersey Devil

Today in Part 3 of our ongoing coverage of the Garden State Film Festival we talk to Ridgewood / Howell Township native Kevin Interdonato . The Jersey Crew You most likely recognize Kevin Interdonato from the fourth season of The Sopranos, playing “Dogsy”, one of Tony Soprano’s crew. Now you probably think being a member of Tony’s Crew is dangerous, …well fuhgetaboutit! After high school Interdonato’s brother a Drill Sergeant convinced him to join the National Guard in 1997. He proudly served his country acknowledging that ,“I knew what I was doing when I signed the papers.” So, on Jan 2nd 2004, Interdonato’s next role became a more dangerous one. He donned his uniform and served as a Specialist in Operation Iraqi Freedom II with the 759th Military Police Battalion. Charlie Company in Baghdad, Iraq. Rising Star, Again Being on “Active Duty Status” Interdonato began a regular training schedule with the Army, therefore outside employment was not permitted, meaning he had to turn down the offer of returning for a fifth season of The Sopranos. Interdonato revealed that his experience in Baghdad changed his perspective on life in general. After returning from his deployment he found that his role on the Sopranos had moved on. Also due to his newly altered perception of the world Interdanato questioned his career. He knew he needed to get back in the groove so as he recounts, “I started slowly, …doing community theater, student films and short films.” Interdonato also says, “I make a very conscious effort to do the best that I can, day by day.” being careful to keep his goals realistic. Now on March 12th it was announced that he will receive the Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award at the 6th Annual Garden State Film Festival. Interdonato said he thanks his parents, Dennis and Janet, for their “guidance and love.” He added that he is “honored” to be chosen for the Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award and thanked the Pastorelli family and Garden State Film Festival Board for this honor. American Idol Interdonato is truly the the model “Jersey Guy”, from his days in high school as a wrestler and football player to his service in the National Guard. When asked who his heroes were, Interdonato replied quickly “The only hero in my life is my old man.” As it turns out Interdonato and his father work together in the family’s construction business. He joking warns, “Until you’re good enough to get into a tabloid, you have to have some kind of income.” While not technically heroes he does find inspiration from the work of the older generation of actors. “I like the old guys obviously Pacino, De NiroHackman, Dustin Hoffman, my favorite actor of all time is Robert Duvall.”, Interdonato explains. He went on to add, “Those are actors…it’s not about having a pretty face, it’s about getting into the character and telling the best story they possibly could. They don’t make their careers on what happens outside of the movies.” The Dream During the quiet time after first arriving in Iraq, Interdonato began writing journals and piecing together a story. The Blue Collar Boys. As soon as he was in the thick of the action, he packed up the books and concentrated on the matters at hand. Recently, over the past few months Interdonato opened the books back up and as he says proudly, “Now The Blue Collar Boys is being made into a movie.” Production is due to start this summer, Interdonato feels the topic will relate to a large audience. The Shore Connection Off screen Interdonato considers himself a “Shore Boy”. A regular of Manasquan and Belmar, he says, “I still hang out with the same bunch of buddies since I was thirteen.” If you’re lucky you may spot him on the rare occasion at the famous Bar A in Belmar. He amusingly recounted how he and his friends would sneak under the boards at Seaside Heights and scare the heck out of people above them. Advancing The Craft He has shot three features in 2007 alone, The City Is Mine, A Dangerous Place and the much anticipated Leed’s Point which involves another Jersey native, The Jersey Devil, and is set to premiere at the 6th Annual Garden State Film Festival. The lead character “Chase” played by Interdonato, is a memorable one. He says, “I tried to play this character as strong as he possibly could be, with out breaking”, and, “It was probably the most emotionally challenging role I’ve ever done.” Interdonato got his start by taking an independent acting class and never looked back. He went on to study the Meisner Technique with Glen Vincent and scene study with Ted Bardy. He began his professional career playing supporting and leading roles in small student and independent films. Now quite literately, he is a veteran on many fronts, from theater, student films, independent films, a hit cable drama and now a feature length film. With such positive forward momentum on his career Interdonato offers this valuable piece of advice to budding actors , “If you’re not prepared to put everything you have into it, then don’t do it” Kevin’s MySpace Page with lots of video Leeds Point My Space Page



  1. Having worked with Kevin on two separate occasions, I can say with the fullest confidence that he is the man, and he knows what he’s doing. He’s definitely worthy of the Rising Star award, and deserves every recognition that comes his way.
    Also, he hasn’t been caught coming out of a car pantyless yet. That’s a plus.

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