Posted by: Drew | March 27, 2008

Leeds Point – The Jersey Devil Returns

In part 2 of our coverage for The Garden State Film Festival we will look at a subject near and dear to anyone from The Shore. Whether you’re driving from Philadelphia to Atlantic City or down the Garden State Parkway south of Toms River you may have seen him. A new horror film will debut at the Garden State Film Festival telling a wicked tale of our own mythological beastie, The Jersey Devil. We even have a quick interview about the movie with actor Kevin Interdonato.

The Devil

The Jersey Devil, the supposed mythical creature of the New Jersey Pinelands, has haunted New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years. This entity has been seen by over 2,000 witnesses over this period. It has terrorized towns and caused factories and schools to close down, yet many people believe that the Jersey Devil is a legend, a mythical beast, that originated from the folklore of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Now the focus of a feature length movie, Leeds Point features New Jersey native Kevin Interdonato. Mr. Interdonato, a former Sopranos cast member, has been announced the recipient of the 2008 Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award at The Garden State Film Festival.

The Setup

After a mass disappearance and brutal killing at a local campsite, the residents of Leeds Point believe a mad man is on the loose.The main character Chase, a police officer played by Kevin Interdonato is suspected of being the culprit. Though his son is among the missing, Chase remains the main suspect in the case. However, Knox (Ravi M Iyer), a reporter, is the only one who believes Chase didn’t do it. Although, he has a few crazy theories of his own, Knox promises to help Chase find the real killer. As time goes on, and more mysterious deaths occur, the truth behind the crimes just might be the one thing Chase refuses to believe in: The Jersey Devil. Something is lurking in the woods of Leeds Point; Something that will change Chase Jackson’s life forever. Leeds Point is a feature length film about New Jersey’s most prolific legend: The Jersey Devil. The story of the Devil has been passed on for generations, and has been in the back of everyone’s mind who ever set foot in the Pine Barrens.

Directed By – Santo Scardillo
Written and Produced By – Jeff Heimbuch & Santo Scardillo

Quick Q&A With the Drew King and Kevin Interdonato

DK: Have you seen anything besides the teaser trailer?
KI:”I already saw it and was impressed with it, especially being a low budget feature”

Leeds Point will premiere Saturday Night at the Festival at the Fifth Avenue Pavilion

DK: Is this going to be like the Blair Witch or a B Blood and Guts Movie?
KI:”I told Santo I’m not going to do it if it’s corny”, he added “…low budget horror films you think, syrup blood… fake monster costumes, so i read the script and did a lot of talking with him before we shot and I said ‘this is it’ because it’s a good story”

DK:Considering you live on the edge of the Pine Barrens, would you care to comment about the Jersey Devil?
KI:”This is what I think about the devil, If you’re ever in the Pinelands and its nighttime , if you don’t believe in the Jersey Devil, you might change your mind!”

Catch our full interview with Kevin this weekend!

Learn more about the Jersey Devil

And Even More



  1. Hell yeah, Leeds Point! Thanks for writing about our film!

  2. Is “Leeds Point” the movie available on DVD to rent or purchase? I am a big Jersey Devil collector and would love to view the movie. Thanks.

  3. Was wondering also about what Paul said, is Leeds Point available on dvd? big jersey Devil fan.

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