Posted by: Drew | March 20, 2008

The Cape May & Hamptons Connection

Cape May and the Hamptons have alot in common. Cape May juts out into the atlantic the same way the Hamptons stick out from Long Island, New York. Both are beach resorts. Both have beautiful old vacation homes, many of them from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. And they share the (Charadrius melodus) the tiny and fast piping plover. Both beaches have nesting grounds for endangered birds who roost in their nests on the beaches between the middle of March and the middle of August. The authorities in both communities surround these nests with snow fencing and signage to keep the piping plovers protected. Disturbing the nesting grounds can and will bring heavy fines and possible imprisonment from the police and county.

Read more about the Cape May – Hamptons connection over at Dan’s Papers.

What can you do to protect the Piping Plover?

  • Respect all areas fenced or posted for protection of wildlife.
  • Do not approach or linger near piping plovers or their nests.
  • If pets are permitted on beaches used by plovers, keep your pets leashed.

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